With exclusive focus on the construction industry, Macfarlane Construction Law provides high quality legal services to builders, developers, principals, homeowners, owners corporations, consumers and contractors

Duncan Macfarlane is the principal solicitor of Macfarlane Construction Law and offers specialist legal advice, representation and advocacy in all building and construction law matters including:

Contract preparation / review

Termination / repudiation advice.

Contract administration.

Disputes under the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW) including claims for damages, payment and work orders.

Preparing and responding to claims under the Building and Construction Security of Payment Act (NSW) (1999).

Claims involving non-payment, alleged defective work, disputed variations, extensions of time or delay and disruption.

Professional liability claims.

Advocacy in NCAT, Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court.

Mediation services as a nationally accredited mediator.

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Now a solicitor, Duncan’s 16 years’ experience as a commercial barrister, mainly in building and construction disputes, has enabled Duncan to develop a unique perspective on dispute resolution in Construction Law.


Duncan is a very experienced and highly effective advocate who is able to personally appear and represent you in courts and tribunals, mediations and disputes or negotiations generally.

Why choose Macfarlane Construction Law?

Duncan will ensure that you receive the best possible legal advice and representation with:


Developing an effective client relationship by clear and effective plain English communication.

Mastery of the Documents

Ensuring complete and precise document management.

The Right Advice On Time

Providing timely, efficient and accurate legal advice.

Expert Evidence When Needed

Ensuring the right industry experts (engineering, architectural etc) are engaged as appropriate.

Alternatives to Litigation

Ensuring appropriate steps are taken to seek a non-litigated outcome including by negotiation, mediation or timely offers of compromise.

Reduce Litigation Risk

Assist you to reduce your litigation risk into the future.

Duncan speaks in plain English, has in depth knowledge of tribunal and court practices and procedures, analyses voluminous documents efficiently and will work with you to advance your interests in your building and construction matter.

What avoids, resolves, or wins litigation?

Forget about in-court tricks of the trade or legal hocus pocus. It’s all about:

  1. Preparation
  2. Preparation
  3. Preparation

So instruct early, establish and maintain precise document management and control and reduce your litigation risk with Macfarlane Construction Law.

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